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Trade your grain online today

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When you're out in the field...

Check your prices on the move

When you're out and about, there's no need to wait till you get back to your laptop or PC, just hit the grainmate™ button on your Smartphone.

Instant access to your prices, direct from your mobile

With instant access to your account and now with the added facility to check your futures prices, grainmate™ is the only ‘App‘ where you can trade directly from your mobile.

If you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod

Download grainmate™ from the Apple App Store.

If you have an Android Device

Download grainmate™ from the Google Play Store.

Alternatively, if you have any other mobile devices

Log onto the Grainmate Mobile website at www.grainmate.co.uk to make the most of your crops

To Add the Grainmate Mobile Website Site to the Front of your Blackberry, click the logo below.

The future of farming is in the palm of your hand
  • Check your futures
  • Compare market prices
  • Save your favourites
  • Get a quote
  • Sell your crops in an instant
Grainmate is optimised for Smart Phones

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